Cold Forged Sleeves / Bushes Collars / Spacers


Endeavouring to save on natural resources, various components have been developed which are hither to manufactured through machining route with the new range of 6 station PKO Cold Formers. Symmetrical components in round, square and hexagon shape with or without collar (flange) and threads are now cold forged with close tolerances and high productivity. These components are well accepted and appreciated by OE manufacturers due to great cost saving potentials besides fulfilling their high volume demands.

cold sleeves


SpecificationAs per customer Designs

Size Range : Diameter – 5mm – 34mm ,  Collar Dia: 42mm max,  Length: 6mm – 40mm

Finishes Available : Zinc, Zinc Alkali, Zinc Nickel, Dacro Yellow, Clear, black, green passivation in trivalent & hexavalent.